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Fleet members are professionals that work for transportation organizations with motor fleets.  The first person from a company is the primary fleet member.   Additional professionals from the same company can join NATMI as Fleet Additional members.

Fleet Additional

If someone from your fleet organization is already NATMI's primary member, you should register as a Fleet Additional member.


Associate members are those who work for organizations that do business with fleets.  This includes insurance companies, attorneys, consultants, vendors, suppliers, OEMs, etc.  The first person from the organization is the primary Associate member. 

Associate Additional

If your company, which meets the definition of an associate, already has a primary NATMI member, then you should register as an Associate Additional member.

Government/Truck Driving School

Government/Driving School membership applies to any individual that works for a Federal, State or Municipal government entity.  This includes public schools, city and county fleets, state DOT's, public utilities, colleges and universities, etc.  Also, employees of truck driving schools, public or private, qualify for the government rate.

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